Richard (Tzu-Fang) Chan

This collection is based the harrowing war stories my grandfather told me as a child along with my fascination for the haunting aspects of gothic literature.

By dissecting military uniforms and superimposing the pieces, and details, on to transparent garments where those details represent pieces of the human anatomy stitched haphazardly together like a Frankenstein monster to create ghostly figures of fallen soldiers.

Firstly I would like to thank my parents who have sacrificed so much to allow me to pursue my dream. I am forever changed by their kindness.

To my Grandmother, for your boundless energy and infinite kindness I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

To my Aunt Anne who gave me the chance to have the tools to bring something truly unique to my designs.

To Delicacy and co. for the amazing fabrics for which without them I could never imagine this collection being what it is today.

My best friends Olivia Faire, Jennie Hah and Pierre Czapiuk for your emotional support and laughter in this crazy time.

To Alithia Spuri Zampetti for giving me excellent advice and hilarious amounts of charm.

To my wonderful helpers, Aljana Zdovc, Amanda Yam and Nina Tanskala. Thank you so much for your contribution for which I am endlessly grateful.

Finally to my Grandfather, the stories you told have condensed into clouds of endless imagination. The greatest storyteller I know and the legacy I continue.