Natasha Somerville

Too many stripes can finally drive you mad.” Michel Pastoureau

The title of my collection has certainly lived up to its promise, research into the stripe developed into looking at the Moiré Phenomenon and how overlays in geometric see-through patterns can create new ghost patterns, especially through the movement of fabrics.

The colour palette was directly influenced from the CMYK colour model, taking colour into its most raw state. Every piece features a narrow grating stripe, some twisting some distorting, as a sheer layer falls on top of another, the stripes interact creating an optic feast for your eyes. I imagined my collection to be a mirage of Fetishwear – a misconception of reality, interacting stripes will confuse the retina and things won’t be what they seem; feather boa jackets made of latex, seams in chiffon glued not sewn, and colour combinations which change depending on your distance.

Thanks to my sponsors Radical Rubber and Lampo. To my tutors Howard Tangye, Willie Walters, Anna-Nicole and Allis Smith for their tremendous support and guidance over the years. To Florence Druart at House of Harlot and Natacha Marro for helping make my thigh high latex illusion boots a reality. My amazing 1st and 2nd year helpers and of course to my supportive parents, especially my dad who helped cut the tens of thousands of latex boas!

Furthermore, many special thanks to Jenny Packham who helped sponsor this collection.