Lawrence Ernest Brooks

My BA collection started out with the exploration of sculptural artists who used fabric to create seemingly fluid and soft designs that were created by gathering and working fabric. Through out the entire design phase I had a muse in mind, a woman who was soft and demure yet ready to go out and find what she was looking for. The final result of my collection was a soft and elegant look that was both young and fresh but with a sense of elegance and classic shape. The main features of my collection were the wearable leather bags that were worn in various places of the looks. I would like to thank AA Crack & Sons for supplying me with all my leather and helping me decide the best leather to use. I would also like to thank all my friends and family who helped me complete this year.

The look im shooting for the catalogue is the main centre piece of my collection which consists of a soft sports t shirt paired with a leather and sweatshirt skirt with a long pleated ruffled skirt and train. This is worn with a large leather bag that is anchored at the waist and sits at the back of the look.