Joanna Elizabeth Moore

I began by thinking about Woody Allen’s character Annie Hall, a woman who dressed in men’s clothes and thrift shop finds. I imagined what she might wear today. Sweatshirts found in charity shops? Her boyfriend’s old jeans?  An oversized coat? This was how silhouettes were developed for my collection.

I then incorporated the thought that perhaps Woody Allen and David Hockney were buddies in the 1970’s. I was inspired by the bright and exuberate colours found in Hockney’s paintings and built up these vibrant colours over the garments. This was achieved using rotary cut vinyl circles that were individually placed and heat pressed.

I want this collection to feel joyful, the antidote to clothes that take themselves too seriously.

I would like to thank Les Tissages Perrin for the beautiful chiffon used in every look. There are many people who have my eternal gratitude for helping me harvest the dots needed, Max, Billy, Andrew and above all, my Mum. Also, a huge thank you to Sebastian for his indispensable help.