Jennie Ji-Hyun Hah

I got on the bus

He gave me a bouquet.. a brown paper bouquet

I looked inside

The bouquet was full of dried flowers

I dropped one stem at a time

One.. by one… onto the floor

I was soon covered with flowers

Fallen petals and leaves covered my body and the floor

I found one fresh bright pink flower

Oh, it was so alive that it looked as if it were dancing

I opened my eyes…

It was you.


Korean women dream symbolic dreams about the children they are about to have. My birth dream story inspired me and became the base of my collection.

I wanted to deliver the dramatic imagery in a sustainable way- minimizing off cuts by puzzle-like pattern cutting, using 100% biodegradable materials such as washable Kraft paper, press-dried flowers, Hanji, Bio-resin, and Korean silks for dressing the deceased.

Big thanks to Papa and my parents for the love and support throughout. Thank you: Bongba and Lukas for getting your hands dirty, Amélie and LV for generous support, RebelRebel for your beautiful flowers!