Francesca Capper

A levitation wand is what started my collection. It can be ordered off ebay for around £10 and comes without batteries. You press a button and drop a thin piece of mylar film over the end, then it levitates. It floats in the air for ages and if you practice, you can make it fly around and do strange things. Instead of levitating outfits, I found other ways to confuse the eye by using a base mesh cage beneath various sections, lifting an interwoven structure like it is floating off the wearer.  Other tailored garments had areas removed giving the paradox of sexy and bizarre. I wanted the shapes to move with the body, changing its silhouette and motion. Stem sections grow out of the pieces and re-attach at joints like the knees creating a new connective shape. There is also an inbuilt backpack that can be accessed through a zip in the lining. Talking of zips, I want to thank Lampo zippers in Italy for sponsoring this collection, along with those who helped out: Allis Smith, Robert Wallace and Benedit Sebuange.