Eunmi Kwon

Inspired by McCall’s Light installation, SOLID-LIGHT, when I visited it, it caused ILLUSION in a visual way. Because LIGHT is an intangible element, however, it has been shaped tangibly and drawing lines lively, and then has disappeared into the dark. And I thought it is the same process of what we are thinking, like we are aware of being in the middle of, it exists and they are alive. But, it disappears, as time goes past and we bring a stop to it.

In reality, we live being dazzled by phantasmagoria. And it causes the movement of perception, and sometimes makes us reach into deceptive conclusion. That is like LIGHT. This is the key to a new spiritual way of looking outwards and inward.

Thanks to my love family and friends in Korea, my friends: Dahea, Jy Roh, London Unee, Gwanhee, Bosccono, helpers: Eunsue, Sujin and Debenhams Deben Inc. in Korea.