Crystal Chung

The inspiration of my collection started with this woman I created with contradicted personalities – appeared masculine on the outside but with soft and fragile heart. Disguising one’s true self is very likely the phenomena in big cities where people are afraid to let others know their weaknesses so they have to put their full gear on, being offensively aggressive in order to protect themselves in this competitive world. And therefore, I wanted to create garments, which looks like they’re being vacuumed, suppressed and squashed along side with Yves Klein’s absolute blue and gold. They are mostly body-tight which coherrent with Yves Klein’s body painting performance so that the actual silhouette of the body can be revealed – as regarding to the meaning of one’s true self.

To create the feeling of being vacuumed, I did a lot of fabric experiment such as heat pressing and ironing fusing at the back of fabric manipulation (random folds/squashing fabric) in order to hold the forms properly. Other than garments I also make my own silicon molds for casting resin bangles and neckpiece.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family and friends who supported me throughout this final year, especially my good friend and helper Anita and my boyfriend Samson. Without these people I wouldn’t be able to make it this far.