Carolina Cuccurullo

The Canonical rules of the Architectures (churches and buildings); the Perfection of the sculptures; White and Pure Beauty of Sublime overwhelmed by the Dirty, Vulgar, Damp and uncontrolled energy of the Real. The Subverted power of traditional value (Pure force of life) proper of a culture witch rise with in the rules of greek roman classicism, but explode transforming its aesthetic in a Chaotic and unique composition of shapes and colours. Against all the logical criteria.

My Clothes and my Photography talks about the Women of Naples, witches are very different from the iconic muses often celebrated by the Fashion industry. They are the Flaw of the Harmony, Inspected and Human, full of Imperfections, complex Mistake and Euphoria. “Le Napoletane” are Strong, their faces and body carries out the weight of life and their style is Humble and Sincere. They are a contemporary revealing beauty.

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